Inside each of us exists a deep longing that whispers in the silence between breaths. In the great mystery of life, who are you... and what do you bring?

Soul Quests is the online home of L.R. Heartsong: author, body-centered therapist, personal catalyst. Stitched between the words and spaces, what you will find woven throughout this site is a philosophy of embodiment—an opportunity to descend into your body and breath, to discover the mystery and wild, numinous radiance of who you are.

River2A soul-centered life is one of radical authenticity, tightly braided with the knowing that each of us has something vital to bring to the ‘more-than-human’ world. Here, too, you might glimpse how the transpersonal quest is enfolded in our Great Work at hand: humanity shifting its existence from being the most destructive force on the planet to a life-sustaining, interconnected one. This is the way of the Soul Artist. It is a journey that begins in your body and through your expanded senses, and is guided by the mysterious underground rivers of myth and a deeply intimate relationship with place and nature.

Take a deep breath. Soften your jaw. Relax your shoulders. Listen—feel!—for the place in you that wants to move and open. Allow it.

BONES_newcoverWhat is your sense of connection to soul? Do you have any idea of your life task or gift to the world? How are soul and the body entwined? Beyond love, how does the universal force of Eros pull you towards your destiny? What is embodied, soul-centered manhood and who is the Sacred Masculine? What is authentic movement? Do you have any sense of being consciously connected to your breath? Beyond nature, good food and the grace of the table, how do we nourish the soul? What are the 7 Soul Skills? Why do myth and nature remain essential to our creative, authentic being? And what does it mean to have a wild soul in the modern world?

These are massive, deeply mysterious questions and finding the answers constitutes the journey of a lifetime—a soul quest. They are also some of the key themes explored in L.R. Heartsong’s book, The Bones and Breath: A Man’s Guide to Eros, the Sacred Masculine, and the Wild Soul (White Cloud Press).

Here on the Soul Quests site, you’re invited to learn more about River’s coaching and teaching work. The Soul Artist Journal, previously located on one of these site pages, has evolved and moved to its own dedicated site ( Whether you simply browse the site, book a Skype session, or enroll in a workshop, you've stepped forward on a worthy path of awakening and unfolding. The dreamer stirs and the larger story of your soul-centered, authentic life beckons. Welcome!